Life-sized wooden Harley-Davidson

You must have seen many bikes made of metals like aluminum, titanium and the kinds. But here is a bike made of a green resource that is wood. And this isn’t any scaled down version but a real life-sized replica of none other then the renowned Harley-Davidson WLA. Harley-Davidson began producing the WLA motorcycle, according to US Army specifications, in 1940 as World War II loomed. Based on an existing civilian model, the maker has crafted and exceptional wooden reproduction of the same. Shaped out of teakwood, it is supposed to be absolutely sturdy and durable. And its only to enhance its look, some other kinda wood is used….to give color nuance.

Although, then, the US Army used the (non-wooden) WLA motorcycles for police and escort work, courier duties, and some scouting, as well as limited use to transport radio and radio suppression equipment, this life-sized wooden Harley-Davidson WLA can only be a part of your d├ęcor.

Completely hand crafted, this woody Harley takes about 200 hours to stand.

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