Sharper Image iBeam Stereo with AM/FM and Universal Dock for iPod (SI343BLK)

Marking a push toward branding its own stereo equipment in addition to pushing those produced by others, Sharper image has recently introduced a number of iPod compatible speaker systems.

This sleek new iBeam Speaker System is the most visually appealing of the lot and about as technically impressive as any.

The system features a universal dock for your iPod and a digital AM/FM tuner. 12 station presets, backlit LCD display, and auxiliary input for use with other components are all part of the package, and SRS WOW sound will give your richer quality than you'd expect from this slim box.

If you want to know more details about this nice gadget,CLICK HERE


Don't you think this lamp would look great in your kitchen, dining room or office?

I have been flashed by this superb design. In fact, I love chromed lamps, but this design has attracted me like no ther has done before...

I have done a research, and this is a lamp that was originally designed by Italian industrial designer Achille Castiglioni. This is not a cheap lamp, by the way. If you like fine art and contemporary design, this is yor lamp...although it is not the typical cheap metallic lamp you can find at Ikea...

This beautiful lamp has been a best seller for more than 40 years, since it was designed back in... 1966... yes, it seems unbelievable, but this lamp has been an icon, a mith of design for the last 40 years...

If you are interested and want to have more details about this piece of design, please click this link:
Splugen Brau Pendant by Flos

Dreamshare: Drive One Dream Car Per Day

Gotham Dream Cars, a New York based company has a new program with the appealing name of DreamShare.

This company rents out exotic cars, and they are now offering a very suggestive and "mouthwatering" membership program.

Like other programs, they use a points-based system with several levels of membership which equal different amounts of driving time.

The Platinum Program: If you pay $9,000 you have 20 full driving days per year.

The Titanium Program: For $18,000 gives you around 45 days/year.

The Elite Program: For $27,000 gives you three months/year worth of driving time.

Gotham Dream Car has offices in NYC and Miami (the better for driving convertibles in the winter months) and are planning an office in Vegas.

Their 17 vehicle fleet includes dream cars such as: Aston Martin Vanquish, Lamborghin Murcielago, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, Ferrari 360 Spider, Bentley GTC, and more.


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