Gresso: The $6,000 MP3 Player

Gresso is a company specialized in ultra-luxury electronic devices. They have just announced a collection of ultra-exclusive Mp3 players, named The Symphonia Collection.

The idea is to create an Mp3 player for those customers who demand the ultimate craftsmanship and exceptional design.

Four Symphonia models are scheduled to be released in 2007. Those four models are made from Blackwood and White Gold, Blackwood and Pink Gold, White Gold and Pink Gold respectively, with the same ancient blackwood (200 year old African Blackwood), and 18 carat gold in each case, with prices ranging from EUR 3000 (US$4000) to EUR 5000 (US$6500).

All models of the Gresso Symphonia Collection have the same square shaped case, which measures 39 x 39 x 10.5 mm.

As part of the company philosophy, is the idea of allowing their ultra-luxury device to be worn as jewellery.


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