All-new Porsche 911 Racing and Swarovski Collection

After blinging up consumer electronics, Swarovski wants to give motorheads some crystal treatment and for doing exactly that, it has teamed up with Porsche Design to create the 911 Swarovski ladies’ collection. Piggybacking on the legendary Porsche 911’s brand name, these collections reek of pizzas and razzmatazz that is so much a part of everything that Swarovski does. First up, you have the neat looking 911 watch that Porsche girls will adore. This watch is done up with Swarovski crystals and sits on a stainless steel bracelet that has a 911 pendant tagging along. Swarovski has also created a hot crystal inlaid necklace that screams Porsche with a 911 pendant. To complete your very hot Porsche pitbabe image, you might also want to take a look at the jumper and sweater, both of whose fronts feature the 911 logo embroidered with Swarovski crystals. To top it all off, you have nice leather keyring and a keystrap with the Porsche mark all over. That is one comprehensive piece of fashion kit that will have all the Porsche girls out there going bonkers.

The new 911 Racing Collection is aimed at Porsche drivers and Porsche fans who want to enjoy the 911 fascination also when not actually driving the car. The all-black 911 Racing sweat jacket features a large 911 logo across the chest, while the white 911 Racing polo shirt is imprinted with the unique silhouette of the Porsche 911.

Philippe Starck's RobinWood Collection

Philippe Starck has gone a little silly with his new collection, although (no worries) he hasn't completely abandoned his usual sense of style in the process. Launched in collaboration with David Sutherland the collection is called RobinWood and is inspired by (you guessed it) the legend of Robin Hood.

With names like "The Lil' John" chair, "The Loxley" canopy bed, and "The King Richard" dining table, Starck is making good on his statement "humor is a sign of intelligence. It should be everywhere." The pieces represent Starck's first outdoor line of furniture and range in price from $1650 to $2350.

Coffee goes interactive with the Digitable

Using coffee tables in a purpose-oriented manner is a habit which we may soon have to change, for coffee tables might just offer a plethora of services like never before. It isn’t happening instantaneously, for the plan is to get such a table rolling by 2020, but even then, it is something that deserves immediate appreciation. Brought about together by the Digitable home entertainment & communication centre and the NEC Idea Home Exhibition, the Digitable gives the word furniture a different meaning altogether. A meaning that is derived from the growth of function for furniture just as this Digitable would see an entire family interacting, getting entertained and communicating over a cup of coffee.

One-of-a-kind designer foosball table for $9,500

Simply beautiful and inviting! This is what that struck my mind when I spotted this luxury foosball table. There is no high-end technology involved and the only and everything we can talk about is the stunning design and the fine lines. This one off luxury piece is full scale, fully functional and is currently not in production. This single unit left is currently up for sale for a cool $9,500 and this amount can go bit higher or lower upon negotiation. Hand crafted by Jared Arp in 2007, this table has won awards in the design community for its contemporary aesthetic appeal backed by pure function. The body is constructed from Hard Maple and Silver Lace Wood, reinforced by Italian Bending Board and HDF. The playing surface and walls are constructed form P-95 Black Polycarbonate for superior visibility and control.

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