If you are worried when you carry your cellphone in your pocket, this concept designed by Tao Ma might be the thing you are looking for.

The bracelet of this phone doesn’t have a screen display or normal buttons but it is that simplistic characteristic that makes it special. The image shows how it is supposed to work and where are all the buttons located (numbers, power supply switch, volume, hang up button).

The bracelet phone is supposed to vibrate when you receive a phone call or a message. It would be very advisable finding a way to unfold some kind of small screen in order to display info about the calling number, battery, etc...but designer Tao Ma has not worked yet in this feature.

Another very interesting feature of this bracelet phone created by Tao Ma is that it is also a MP3 player. This design is just in its early stages, so it will have more interesting features added in future releases.



In recent years it has become trendy and very positive be green. Asus has decided to follow Kyocera's lead and clean up technology's act with the new ECOBOOK.

With 'EcoBook' Asus has created a laptop which positively helps fighting the global warming and greenhouse effect.

There won't be many who find issue with the choice of material used in the EcoBook. Bamboo wood is easily replenished (it grows infamously fast) and yet when polished up it creates a luxurious wood veneer that is also biodegradable.

But the goodness of ASUS new ECOBOOK doesn't stop there. the plastics chosen to manufacture the EcoBook come from recyclable raw materials and are numbered to facilitate recycling when the product reaches the end of its life cycle.

Asus has also used Paper in the making of this notebook, being used to build the computer enclosure from a form of stiffened card.

In the new ASUS ECOBOOK there is a LED indicator below the screen that changes its light between green and red to show when you are in a low or high energy consumption setting. These LEDs themselves are mounted directly behind the product surface to save waste and there are no paints, sprays or even electroplating used on its components.

Asus new EcoBook exposes the raw materials, keeping the manufacturing process free of any solvents and hazardous materials.

With a release scheduled to the beginning of next year, Asus is obviously in no position to give away specifications or pricing. In the meantime, I am sure many laptop and notebook producers will follow this green initiative that Asus is already leading.


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