Luxury Watches: Zadora Timepieces

It is very hard for me to describe these watches with least you have the pictures to realize these are not watches. Time in this case is not the most important thing, and this must be the reason why in these amazing masterpieces of jewelery the time is read through on the side of the watch rather than the top. The dial rotates and the hand remains fixed. The winding and setting crown has a briolette cut diamond, the lugs are set with precious stones, and the time indicator is set with diamonds to mark the half hours.
The price?? $150,000 each.

SOURCE: Zadora

Nokia 7373 Special Edition

Italian fashion designer Giambattista Valli has accepted the proposal of Nokia to create a totally new limited edition phone. The result is a phone that is just as much of a fashion accessory as it is a technological gadget.
The Nokia 7373 Special Edition is available in two colors, Powder Pink and Black Chrome. The pink model has a pearl necklace instead of the standard strap and has gold-tone heart and skull charms. The black phone has a high-gloss finish and a matching black strap with a chromed skull charm. Each one of the phones comes with a coordinating carrying case.

These wonderful phones will be available in Europe in March, with an estimated price of 280 euros ($368).

SOURCE: Luxist

Trend Observer Is Watching You

This is the first post of Trend Observer. The reason why we have chosen this topic for our blog is simply because we know there is a lot of audience paying attention to any new trend that might arise anywhere...

If any celebrity shows a new designer bag, or is caught doing something wrong, funny, ridiculous, prohibited...we will be there.

Our definition of trend is not only related to famous people, celebrities, movie stars, etc... in our opinion, anything with good design and attractive to people with exclusive taste can as well be something trendy that deserves our attention and interest.

A new car released by Porsche, a new opera house designed and built by Sir Norman Foster... anything fashionable, on style, luxurious... anything unique can be a trend for us.

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