Washable Keyboard

There’s this one keyboard in my house that is just nasty. I mean, the years of food, drink, greasy fingers, and not being cleaned didn’t do anything to helps its cause. It’s pretty much beyond cleaning at this point, unless you were to take out each key, individually clean it, then reassemble it. At that point, I think we can all agree it’s time for a new one. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll pick up the Washable Keyboard from Unotron. It won’t quite clean itself, but it makes it easier for you to do it yourself.

If you were to take water or any type of liquid to your current keyboard, well, nothing good would happen. Not with this keyboard, though. It has SpillSeal technology to protect it from liquids and dust. You can actually wash this in the tap water from your sink. You’re still going to have to take the initiative and actually clean your keyboard though, a task that’s to much to ask for some people. (you know who you are :;))

This company, Unotron, makes two other washable products for your computer. There’s the washable mouse and the Smartcard reader. At first, I thought the Smartcard reader was for SD, MemoryStick, xD cards, but it’s actually for Smartcards. Imagine that.

The products are a bit expensive, but remember you’re paying a premium for the SpillSeal technology. The keyboard is $50 ($45 without hotkeys), the mouse is $50 (there’s a $70 one too), and the Smartcard reader is the cheapest of them all at $25.


Glowfur: Be Seen While You Dance

This is a totally new trend in the clubbing and partying arena.

GlowFur is a closely held company headquartered in Colorado. The company is committed to developing amazing, fun, and outrageous Glowing fur apparel to the most fashionable people on earth.

Since the inception of GlowFur in the fall of 2006, a phenomenon has been in place. From San Francisco to New York to London, we are told of numerous positive reactions expressed with words like,

"This is amazing..."

"it's magic...

"Wearing GlowFur I get the celebrity treatment every step I take!!!...


Sensitive Shoes

These new shoes designed by Steve McIntyre are very original. When you walk, there are some pressure points that are stimulated by pressing on a soft sensitive area connected with various reflexology points causing a gentle glow from the underside of the sole.

The ball of the foot touches on the solar plexus point, the centre of emotional energy.

The shoes offer an emotional 'bath of light' experience so that the act of walking is "healing"

Women have been wearing high heels for many decades, and maybe this new kind of shoes will make women's shoes designers turn to a much more comfortable, wearable and tireless shoes for women. Maybe men's will come next...


Hand crank for cell phones lets you call when you're powerless

It's almost summer, and you know what that means — rolling blackout season is here! During these dark times, having a light and the ability to communicate is vital. Enter the hand-cranked cell-phone charger. While other crank systems generate light, this useful device goes one further by not only providing up to 20 minutes of illumination from five LEDs, but can also power a cell phone for quick 2- to 8-minute calls. It's small too, about the size of a regular flip phone, which means users have no reason to leave home without it.

As often as I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead cell phone, I'd really like to have one of these as part of my road-warrior kit. Unfortunately for now, the ECO is only available in Japan, a country plagued with earthquakes making this a necessary piece of emergency gear. If it's a success there, it's bound to make its way to the U.S. soon.


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