Dreamcade Vision 29 - Big daddy of gaming arcades

Arcade gamers have never had it this good. Dream Arcades have just come out with their latest offering called the Dreamcade Vision 29 Arcade. This limited edition gaming arcade aims to give arcade gamers an exhilarating gaming experience by bumping up the screen size to all of 29 inches. That makes the Vision 29 the big daddy of gaming arcade and it has an equally big game range of no less than 200 games. If you think this number is a little too small for you, no problem, you can add many more games to your Vision 29. This gaming arcade also has plenty of analog game control options sitting on its keyboard, which can be fully customized with your very own color options. Other bells and whistles include an MP3 jukebox to keep you company while fragging away.

The entire set-up sits in a classic melamine cabinet and to make it that extra special, Dream Arcades are launching the Vision 29 as a limited edition model. To bring home this BIG gaming arcade, you will need to wheedle about two and a half grand, $2499 to precise.

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