If you are worried when you carry your cellphone in your pocket, this concept designed by Tao Ma might be the thing you are looking for.

The bracelet of this phone doesn’t have a screen display or normal buttons but it is that simplistic characteristic that makes it special. The image shows how it is supposed to work and where are all the buttons located (numbers, power supply switch, volume, hang up button).

The bracelet phone is supposed to vibrate when you receive a phone call or a message. It would be very advisable finding a way to unfold some kind of small screen in order to display info about the calling number, battery, etc...but designer Tao Ma has not worked yet in this feature.

Another very interesting feature of this bracelet phone created by Tao Ma is that it is also a MP3 player. This design is just in its early stages, so it will have more interesting features added in future releases.


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