HANNSpree 32-inch LCD HDTV With Removable Speakers

A new approach on HDTV, removable speakers.

HANNSvibe is one of the most unique large screen designs I have seen lately. In fact, their HANNspree HANNsvibe 32" LCD HDTV is a TV that doesn't need to be on for everybody to look at it and think it is a very nice piece of design.

You can be sure if I can get my hands on one of these super-exclusive HANNspree HANNsvibe 32" LCD HDTV I will probably spend more time just lookign at the TV design that with it turned on... but I have two kids at home, so my first though will be mostly impossible.

Whether the speakers of this HANNspree HANNsvibe 32" LCD HDTV are attached or removed, you can appreciate the unique design, HDTV compatibility, superior picture quality and attention to detail that HANNspree offers.

This HANNspree HANNsvibe 32" LCD HDTV features a unique design with removable speakers.

This widescreen LCD integrated HDTV is been offered for a price of $1,150.
If you are interested in this TV, please click this link: HANNspree HANNsvibe 32" LCD HDTV

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